About Us

Hi, we are Interhomes Online, a ridiculously easy to use but powerful networking property portal for beginner or advanced agents and private sellers. We know the (daily) struggles you are facing from the moment you put your property out there on the market to the time you finally close the deal. You probably use different property portals, advertise in magazines, have a CRM platform for your own website, do email marketing and invest in participating on property exhibitions. This is not only time consuming, but it cost a lot of money. What if there would be one platform what can do all of this and for affordable prices? With Interhomes Online we showcase your properties to thousands of property finders visiting our websites every day. Take part of our advanced networking platform to create endless business opportunities, we promote your properties in magazines and on the exhibitions we take part in. But we are more than just this. We are a life-style website with a blog department attracting more than a quarter of million readers monthly.

Our Mission

We work hard for real results! Via implemented unique on-page seo tools you boost your listings up to page 1 for search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We use cross-over "spider-web" marketing and publish your properties up to 7 of our European portal websites, depending your subscription pack. We visit the most well-known property exhibitions in Europe and work on a strategy based on social media and blog-chain to reach the potential buyers or tenants you are looking for. Our advanced networking platform has been customised for advertisers and property finders in a way that a match between A & B can be realised within an incredibly fast time frame. More than 60% of all property finders using their mobile devices for searching properties, that's why we created and designed our application in a way that you get the best user experience on your mobile. Fast, comfortable and ridiculously easy. Join us on our mission, advertise smart and promote your listing(s) on Interhomes Online today!

Our core values

Quality stands above Quantity! Interhomes Online has mapped out the complete search process to understand the needs of property finders regard to obtaining relevant property information. We make the difference due the fact that most other portals on the market allow multiple agencies advertising the same properties and on Interhomes Online this is excluded. Seeing so many double advertised properties on a portals website is not only frustrating for serious property hunters, but important information can get lost due to lack of clarity. As a result, the desired result and the positive outcome for marketing are adversely affected for advertisers. We allow a certain limit of advertisers in each city, area and region, so that quality and a high user experience will be guaranteed.

Your way home!

Buying, Renting or Spending your holidays in Spain? Interhomes Online is a real estate portal where you can find properties for sale, long-term rentals and holidays in Spain offered by trustful and qualified Spanish real estate agencies, brokers, private sellers and renters. Our mission is to connect property finders with professional sellers or renters. Starting your property search via Interhomes Online is being secured you are in the right hands. It will make your property hunt easier, faster, reliable, comfortable and more fun and relax.